How to contact someone on this forum

If you post a Reply to someone's message, an email is automatically sent to the originator by the forum's program, telling them that they have indeed got a reply.

So, if you've already posted a Reply to someone, they've already been sent an email. If you post another Reply, they'll get another email. Are you getting my drift?

If there is {No contact email} following their name, they cannot be contacted.
Anyone who leaves a Reply doesn't leave an email, so they can't be contacted either.

You can post a Reply to the person you wish to contact, asking them to use the Contact Editor link (bottom of each page) informing me of their email.

Then, use the Contact Editor link yourself telling me your email, who you'd like to contact and the reason you wish to contact them. I'll pass your email address and message on to that person.

Note: For privacy reasons, I cannot release anyone's email address to you without their permission. If they don't contact you, they may not want to, or probably no longer use that email address.

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