Contacting the M.o.D. Medal Office

Requests for medals of deceased Ex-Servicemen/women

The Mod Medal Office holds details of most medals issued and is the authority for questions concerning entitlement to service and campaign medals. It provides two main services, besides other useful information.

  1. Issue of medals to those entitled persons who have never received them.
  2. Replacement of medals under certain conditions for entitled personnel.

Note that replacement medals are only issued when clear and documented proof of loss is provided.

To apply for medals, you can download an Application Form (PDF) by visiting their website at and selecting the appropriate form to print-out. Details needed to apply are:

Postal address to send your form or for any other enquiries:

M.O.D. Medal Office
Innsworth House,
Imjin Barracks,
GL3 1HW.

An enquiry phone line is available on 0141 224 3600 or visit their website: for more details.