CPAP mask and chin strap Sleepdesk is devoted to sleep disorders and covers Central, Obstructive and Mixed Sleep Apnea (The UK spelling is Apnoea) and Snoring. A Tracheostomy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Night Terrors especially in children, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and some Relaxation techniques. There are also photographs of CPAP machines, humidifiers and different types of CPAP masks. Find out what a Sleep Study Test involves. You can also test yourself and take the only medically recognised "Epworth Sleepiness Test" online and see your results straight away.

Lots of very easy great cookery recipes from my wife Sandra, with printer friendly pages. Some very useful weight, liquid and length conversion tables, including Ounces to Grams, Centigrade to Fahrenheit, Gasmark temperature chart etc. Also included is a Kiddies Corner (Let's get back to basics) with some very simple recipes and advice for the very young. Get your kids baking fairy cakes now. They'll love it.

Tram on its side This is a fantastic collection of old and unusual photographs taken mostly from the 1900's to 1950's era. There are some great ones of trams and trains from Leeds and Sunderland. Pictured here is a tram on its side and people are milling around looking at the crash. It now includes great old cars, tricycles, and some very unusual photographs of ships. All the photographs can be enlarged for much greater detail. If you have any old or interesting photos to share, please send them in.

Join me in learning how to research your family tree from scratch. It's easier than you think using the power of the Internet. All I have got to go on is my father's death certificate, so how hard can it be? I'll make the mistakes so you don't have to. No need to leave the comfort of your own sitting room, and a family tree could be a legacy to give to your children or grandchildren.

Spitfire A large and rare collection of old war time photographs, documents and articles to view. See how people endured the blitz during World War II. Listen to one of Churchill's famous speeches. It will make the hairs bristle on the back of your neck. Some advice on how to trace unclaimed war medals of your relations. War Memorial photos and Remembrance pages has now been added for you to send in your dedications, and a World War Forum that may help you in your research.

A large selection of my best hand picked hilarious text jokes that I've ever heard, and a most unusual scary photo from 1923. I've had quite a few people contact me, saying they are the best they've ever heard. It may take an hour or two to read them all though. Some of these jokes may not be suitable for the not so broad-minded or highly religious, so please don't read them if this concerns you. No jokes are intended to offend anyone.

Some of the more amusing and humorous picture jokes and photos that have been sent to me in e-mails over the past years that I have collected. A few have been doctored, but some are genuine and just really funny. This is a very popular section, not to be missed. Take a look at this section and these photos and images will make you laugh for hours.