Temperature Conversion

Are you following a cookery recipe and don't know your Centigrade from your Fahenheit, and not sure what to set the oven temperature too? No need to worry as these conversion tables will do the work for you. Enter an amount in the appropriate box and click Convert.

Use these conversions as much as you like with different values each time.
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Centigrade / Fahrenheit Conversion

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Centigrade to Fahrenheit Lookup Table

  0°C = 32°F 10°C = 50°F 20°C = 68°F 30°C = 86°F
 40°C = 104°F 50°C = 122°F 60°C = 140°F 70°C = 158°F
 80°C = 176°F 90°C = 194°F100°C = 212°F110°C = 230°F
120°C = 248°F130°C = 266°F140°C = 284°F150°C = 302°F
160°C = 320°F170°C = 338°F180°C = 356°F190°C = 374°F
200°C = 392°F210°C = 410°F220°C = 428°F230°C = 446°F
240°C = 464°F250°C = 482°F260°C = 500°F270°C = 518°F
280°C = 536°F290°C = 554°F300°C = 572°F310°C = 590°F
320°C = 608°F330°C = 626°F340°C = 644°F350°C = 662°F