Spotted Dick

100g (4oz) Self-raising flour
50g (2oz) Currants
50g (2oz) Mixed peel
50g (2oz) Shredded suet
50g (2oz) Caster sugar
1 Medium egg (beaten)
4 Tablespoons of milk
A pinch of salt

(1) Mix together all the dry ingredients.

(2) Add the beaten egg and sufficient milk to produce a smooth dropping consistency.

(3) Place the mixture into a greased a 600ml (1 pint) pudding basin.

(4) Cover with pleated greaseproof paper and foil. Steam for about 90 minutes.

(5) Turn out and serve hot with custard or syrup.

Only fill pudding basin two thirds full to allow for expansion. Fold a pleat in the covering to allow room for pudding to expand. Seal edges well and secure with string making a handle for lifting the pudding basin in and out of the pan.

Fill pudding basin up to two thirds and cover loosely to allow steam to escape.
Microwave on FULL power. 3½ minutes at 800W or 4 minutes at 650W.
The pudding is cooked when it's firm and just dry on the surface.

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