Jelly Cheshire Cat

1 Raspberry Jelly
1 Orange Jelly
4 Snowballs or Marshmallows (head)
4 Strawberry Shoe Laces (mouth)
4 Liquorice Catherine Wheels (tail)
Green and red Smarties (eyes + nose)
Ice Cream Wavers (ears)
Jar Chocolate Spread

(1) Make the jellies as instructed on the packet.

(2) Pour a layer of Raspberry jelly into 4 glass bowls, and leave them to set in the fridge.

(3) Pour a layer of Orange jelly, again into the glass bowls, and leave them to set in the fridge.

(4) Repeat this procedure until you have 4 layers in each bowl. You may find that you have to use a quarter or half a jelly each time, making each layer over several days.

(5) The snowballs or marshmallows are the base for the cat's head. Stick 2 triangles of wafers to the snowballs, (for cats ears) with some chocolate spread.

(6) Using a very little chocolate spread, stick green smarties onto each snowball for the eyes, and a red smartie for a nose.

(7) Make a mouth fron the strawberry lace, then stick it on with chocolate spread. Push pieces of lace into the snowball for whiskers.

(8) Place the decorated snowball on top of the jelly at one end. Again, secure with chocolate spread.

(9) Unwind a liquorice catherine wheel and use this for the cat's tail. Curl around the bowl and attach to jelly at other end.

Makes 4 complete jelly desserts. Vary the ingredients and colours to whatever you have to hand.

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