Corned Beef Cakes

350g (12oz) Peeled potatoes
200g (7oz) Can of Corned Beef
1 Medium onion (peeled)
10ml (2 teaspoons) Horse-radish Sauce
45ml (3 tablespoons) Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper

(1) Grate the potatoes and dice the onion thinly.

(2) Dice the corned beef, mix with the vegetables and horse-radish sauce, then season to taste.

(3) Heat the oil in a 20cm (8inch) frying pan.

(4) Shape mixture into round cakes (similar to fishcakes) and put into frying pan.

(5) Cook gently for up to 10 mins each side and nicely browned. It depends on how thick you make them, but make sure they're cooked through properly.

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