A 1938 Ford 8 Car

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The Ford 8 HP Sidevalve (taken in 1961) sent in by © Keith Paterson whose website is www.silverhairs.co.uk.

Keith wrote:
"The Ford was £8. It had some insulation tape on the steering wheel and when I took it off, I found that the wheel was actually broken at that point. I took the wheel off and got a very modern looking dished wheel from a scrap yard. The big ends were sounding pretty noisy, so I took the sump off, unbolted them all and ground a bit off each of the journals. That kept her going until I sold it for £15. Those were the days. I later found out why the guy got rid of it. Driving up from Coventry to Hale the car would stop every few miles (wife and baby on board). I knew it was petrol starvation as I could prime the carb under the bonnet and off we would go again. Frustrated, I happened to detach the petrol pipe near the carb and, as luck would have it, I spotted the blockage. It was the back end of a bee! It had been floating up and down the pipe until it meet the connection, making a perfect seal. The seller must have got fed up with that petrol starvation problem and was glad to see the back of it."