A 1972 MG Sports Car

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Photo sent in by Isabel Penny (that's not her in the car).

Isabel wrote:
The car is an MG Midget - round wheel arch, made in 1972 which means that it is tax exempt, the colour is Tartan Red. The car took approx 18 months to restore, this was evenings, weekends and days off time. the car had some welding done before a respray. The midget is really enjoyable to drive, especially in the summer months with the hood down.

A very nice restoration and the wire wheels look great. I once drove a mate's MG Midget in the old Flower Power Days, which was a very desirable car in the 70's.

Keith wrote:
Before Isabel bought this car, it was owned by an old friend of mine, Harold Burniston. I know he won't mind me saying this as he died about 5 years ago! We were having lunch at a pub near Newmarket and I spotted it in the car park. It had ivy growing all over it and had a wooden pallet propped up against the door. I said the Harold 'What a shame. That is a real classic'. As we came out from the meal he said, 'I have bought it! It will be delivered tomorrow'. I said, 'But you haven't even looked inside'. In fact, the body work was very good, having had a number of new panels but it had no floor.
I helped Harold polish it up as well as we could and bought some bits and pieces such as a battery. But we decided it was beyond our ability to restore it. So regretfully, we put an advert on the net. After Harold almost fell for the scam payment trick (we'll send you a cheque for more than you are asking if you just send us the difference) we then had lovely Isabel come along with a genuine offer and they took it away. We were so pleased to receive the picture of the beautiful restoration, and I was pleased that I had mentioned it to Harold as he was prepared to have a go. A lasting memorial to old Harold. Keith Paterson www.silverhairs.co.uk

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